Who we are

We embrace the world as it is, in all its colors and shapes and we embrace the human spirit, especially when driven by digital emotions. We are a small agency with big brains… and most importantly, big hearts!
Digital knowledge input and human-centered output.
Adapting and evolving from the beginning, we grow from project to project, giving all we got to get the job done.

Distrikt citizens

A bunch of creative minds drawn together by digital curiosity.

Leila Curtamet Leila Curtamet Leila Curtamet

General manager

Leila Curtamet

The alpha and omega of our Distrikt, the owner and the hardest worker in this awesome team. The “there is nothing we can do if we just have the will to do” leader. The “if we put our creative and curiosity energies we can change the whole context” CS director. The “let's talk to understand but let's do more in order to constantly evolve” colleague. With an attitude of “I believe we can do better than this” and a flawless work ethic, our boss is the sort of person that leads by example.
Ioana Manas Ioana Manas Ioana Manas

Operations Director

Ioana Manas

20 years of professional experience and just being awesome. Ioana has experience in various business areas: production, distribution, software development and IT&C services as senior-level manager. She had important roles in operations management and business performance, data privacy & IT security, business process management, quality assurance & improvement, development, and implementation of various software solutions. From all those things we are pretty sure she knows her stuff.
Ioana Hagima Ioana Hagima Ioana Hagima

Head of Client Service

Ioana Hagima

Taking care of digital projects is not an easy task especially when you have to juggle not only mails but different like you wouldn't believe personalities. Give me the wireframe, go see if devs are on schedule with projects A, B and the third part of C. She is fast but not furious. She is enthusiastic even if she's been in this industry for a long time. She has almost an infinite amount of patience and of course that goes well when you have to re-think a digital strategy from scratch.
Adrian Sandu Adrian Sandu Adrian Sandu

creative director

Adrian Sandu

Geek enthusiast, good with words, better with sound bits. Giving the brief some good all fashioned insights in order to approach every project with a steady creative concept. Brainstorm seeker, taglines giver, skilful content writing achiever. Inspired pitch seller. Taking a proactive attitude towards potential clients in order to find the best outcomes this creative director has more than a few ideas about how one can make a brand relatable again.
Craita Frunza Craita Frunza Craita Frunza

Art Director

Craita Frunza

Where do we begin? From 3D modeling to a new age approach in both UX/UI design or art direction? From her builds for VR to key visuals that won we forgot how many pitches? From constantly learning and developing new skills to “let's get to work then let's go out have a beer to celebrate” mindset? Craita is almost a 360 degree architect turned art director turned motion designer. And the best thing about it? She never settles for mediocre.
Andra Pavel Andra Pavel Andra Pavel

Graphic Designer

Andra Pavel

A graphic designer by profession, but an awesome non stop smiling colleague by choice, this distrikt voice has a lot to say when something tricky must be unlocked. She rules all realms of social media with visuals and short after effects movies after she already conquered the secrets of Desktop Publishing and the art of illustration. If there is a digital input surely it has to be some graphic designer skills output.
Natalia Sfetcu Natalia Sfetcu Natalia Sfetcu Natalia Sfetcu

senior Copywriter

Natalia Sfetcu

Empirical person. Hungry book reader. Race bike rider. Creative with a crush for brand identities on the weekdays, coffee maker by Weekend. Always in search for the one and only revealing insight. A libra that has Plato on one plate and Socrates on the other. Always in search of justice, fairness and balance. A creative with an artsy soul and digital ambitions. Day by day observer, barista and coffee lover on Weekends. Her kryptonite would be a life without music, hugs, sweets and soup. Almost forgot about her visit to Cannes Lions Festival in 2013, and the Gold Medal @ Young Lions Design Competition she won with her copywriter. AbigheabigheThat’s all Folks!
Alexandra Stan Alexandra Stan Alexandra Stan Alexandra Stan

senior Art Director

Alexandra Stan

Alexandra is a big smile with great art direction skills. To say she is creative is an understatement, and we’re not saying that just because she has an embarrassing number of awards. With 20+ years of experience, she’s got her finger in all sorts of pies: art direction, graphic design, stop motion, calligraphy – to mention just a few. From telecom to banking, from FMCG to retail, she’s seen it all. No brief ever scares her. Did we mention she loves her work almost as much as she loves her cat? Mrrr!
Maria-Alexandra Ion Maria-Alexandra Ion Maria-Alexandra Ion Maria-Alexandra Ion

Account Executive

Maria-Alexandra Ion

Maria is a synthesis of the best Generation Z has to offer. Multidisciplinary and flexibility are traits that help her to successfully perform both tasks that require creativity and those that require patience and attention. She is curious, open, reliable, and proactivity is the default setting. Always with a smile on her face and a cup of good coffee beside, Maria does not joke around when briefing is involved. Quite a young star ready to shine in our creative constellation, she makes sure deadlines are not to be trifled with.
Madalina Mihailescu Madalina Mihailescu Madalina Mihailescu

Social Media Specialist

Madalina Mihailescu

Legend has it that she is just a little sad ONLY a day in a whole year. The rest of 364 days it's all sprinkles and sparks, smiles and a joy of constant wonder and always learning attitude. When it comes to social media strategies or analytics, she's the One. Like in some kind of Matrix, but without all the guns. Instead she uses more powerful weapons like her native wits or, super metrics or social bakers.
Cristian Grigore Cristian Grigore Cristian Grigore Cristian Grigore

Web Developer

Cristian Grigore

He speaks many exotic languages, he is fluent with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery and he's got an accent that speaks volume about the level of skill with OOP and PHP Coding. The legend has it that he is also proficient in database & webserver management and recently he has something to say about Veeva Technical Development also.
Bogdan Nita Bogdan Nita Bogdan Nita


Bogdan Nita

We don't have the exact number of languages our youngest one knows. HTML, C++, Javascript, Unity or Unreal. We give him edibles he makes magic and transform our ideas into living digital products. We think about an AR that makes an elephant enter an event, he thinks about time needed for coding. We think we want a kinect, he thinks we could do better with a QR application. We think we know about machine learning and artificial intelligence, he gives a compelling presentation that puts our minds at work.
Ana Maria Onisei Ana Maria Onisei Ana Maria Onisei

PR Consultant

Ana Maria Onisei

Extra, extra read all about it! Or, nowadays, a serious PR for getting the word out there. Press release, advertorials, a public relation strategy with a clear timeline. Or just making waves with new, interesting ideas. Or a crisis situation that needs professional expertise. Or contacts that will open new opportunities for your brand. Or just our Ana.

Our special ones

Our friends with awesome skills are friends indeed

Fundamental Advertising


Fundamental Advertising


We are a team made of Directors, Video Editors, and Photographers. We came from a world of entertainment and we can demonstrate our vision, creativity, and experience in every format possible. Commercials, movies, music videos, Presentations, and Conferences.

We will bring your ideas to life, in the most tasteful way.


Smart Multimedia Production


Smart Multimedia Production

Why settle for a single choice wish when you can dream both in 2D and 3D? We know every secret and we transform motion design and VFX skills into art. We take the animation to the next level because we always blend creativity with knowledge. We play often and smart!