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Sneak peek into my brand

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Making stories is the most handy "tool" in the digital environment, the perfect place for brands that want to develop and use in their own promoting each tool that social networks launches. And how can you encourage users, be they brands, to create more content if not through the emergence of different new features, good to test?

The ideas above perfectly suit when we start talking about Instagram Stories, one of the newest feature launched by Instagram. If until now the followers did not know about you, because you posted too rarely, now with just one button, the most exciting moments of your day are made public, and for 24 hours your "story" gets to everyone's feed.

Everybody has a story

Within this framework, the business area has understood that no tool is extra when it comes to reporting online presence and gaining visibility among old and new customers. Images that only "live" for 24 hours have become an integral part of their marketing strategy and have turned into valuable leads, with the message reaching its optimum form in the targeted audience. How many of us did not go the next day to buy a product after admiring it for a while in a Social Media photo? The answer is: many of us! Because yes, Instagram may be the place where the purchase of a product or service originates in desire.

On the other barricade, we find the brands that through Instagram Stories understand the visibility of inspiring ideas for their target audience, which at the moment is not a profit. But we are talking about those brands that have realized that a too conventional online presence, reluctant to new, will either risk losing customers or freeze in a portfolio lacking new customers, being forgotten in a Internet where inspiration and ingenuity prevail.


Interactivity all the way

Various filters, GIFs, emoticons, tags, hashtags, or colourful drawings are some of the tools in Instagram Stories that give your story the image you want to share. The more credible is the story you will build, the greater will be the dynamism and ability to adapt your brand to the digital environment. And what's more interesting begins now: brands can interact with people who appreciate their moments shared in Stories, by exchanging messages and reactions from the most diverse.

The secret of success in digital marketing can be summed up in many ways, and Instagram Stories is just one of them. What stories did you like?




Article written by:

Adrian Sandu