Capabilities: Video
Client: Eli Lilly
Skills: video editing, scriptwriting, post-production

My Shadow
video opening
for pharma event

Speaking of memorable events, we cannot forget the 1 year celebration for the treatment of an autoimmune disease under Eli Lilly. We wanted to have an opening moment that could capture the audience and make all the guests feel not only understand our core messages. With the help of a professional choreographer and with our video and postproduction team we made a video telling the story of a patient suffering from Psoriasis. But that wasn't the whole package. During the live opening we had our choreographer duplicate the modern dance from the stage but with a twist. On stage we had the choreographer interpreting an artistic moment and in the background, on the main LED, the same artist had a slightly different dance. Thus, we let the audience understand the difference between appearances and reality, between how a patient acts in real life and how he really feels.